Tangentia Venture’s new investment in wowTalkies, the fan engagement platform for movie fans 

wowTalkies is the world’s first fan-engagement platform with tech-led utilities on NFTs. It’s the first engage-to-earn platform for a movie fan. For the first time, users can experience fandom at their fingertips through this mobile application.  

The CEO and Co-founder of wowTalkies, Ritesh Kant said, “’wowTalkies’ endeavor is to be the fan engagement platform of choice, for movie fans, on Web3, whereby fans can become super fans on the platform. Tangentia Ventures has a calibrated slew of investments, in web3 and in consumer startups, whence it has created an indelible impact. Association with Tangentia ventures will create strategic value for ‘wowTalkies’ in the web3 and crypto ecosystems”  

Vijay Thomas, CEO of Tangentia Ventures is excited about this investment and said “With a brutal investing winter especially for Web 3.0 startups, we at Tangentia Ventures have decided to go against the grain and decided to double down on our high quality, high growth and big market size startups and wowTalkies checks off on all these points. With the initial focus on the booming Indian market, we are confident the stellar founding team at wowTalkies will be able to get to profitable growth and become a pillar of the Web 3.0 economy of the future in India and soon across the world. We see fan engagement platforms using Web 3.0 decentralized technologies becoming key to success in the movie and music industry but also for sports teams and even consumer brands.”

About Tangentia Ventures 

Tangentia Ventures is a boutique global venture capital firm, the venture capital arm of Tangentia Group. With a sector-agnostic long-term disciplined agile growth philosophy (L-DAG), Tangentia Ventures boasts of investments across sectors like Local Manufacturing, Circular economy, Cleantech, Fractional Real Estate, Crypto, Niche Software Services, and Niche Ecommerce. Tangentia Ventures is primarily active in the India-Canada-USA business corridor with plans to expand globally in the near future. 

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About wowTalkies 

wowTalkies is a fan engagement platform on web 3.0. Here fans can become SUPER FANS by going deeper with their participation and passion. Communities, studios, and celebrities can also become stakeholders in their fan’s activity zone and help them become super fans. The platform allows fans to engage with different communities and collect customizable collectibles on their journey. Celebrities, production houses, and artists can also offer collectibles, curate content, and form fan communities to assist their fans and accelerate their journey toward super FANDOM. 

We are building for fan engagement on web3 and mobile. We are the only project that provides AR, AI, and deep tech-led utilities on and with collectibles. We offer the ultimate movie fan experience with the flywheel of leaderboards, gamification, social, and content creation. 

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