, A Tangentia ventures portfolio company launches DogSpot Meals a Tangentia Ventures portfolio company launched Dogspot Meals – an innovative alternative to a dog’s diet of regular kibble. DogSpot Meals brings in the concept of balanced meals for your furry friends.
The diet of a pet defines its health and overall wellbeing. Offering them fresh food rather than highly processed kibble can do wonders for their longevity. The meals are completely made of human-grade ingredients and free of any preservatives and chemicals.  DogSpot Meals is tested, tried, and tasted by our human team before it reaches the market.

The diet has been developed after extensive research exercise that started out in 2018. problem areas such as right balance, storage, palatability, transparency, digestibility, and waste analysis for all types of dogs were identified which led to the development of this product. DogSpot meals also offer subscription plans.


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