Startup Visa

Tangentia Ventures is proud to be one of the designated VCs in the Government of Canada Start-up Visa (SUV) Program. Founded by Vijay Thomas, Tangentia Ventures knows first-hand the challenges and dedication it takes to try to start, grow, and flourish a venture in a new and unfamiliar home. We are eager to support diversity and bring in vetted immigrant entrepreneurs with their innovative business ideas to benefit the Canadian economy.

Why Canada?

All good things happen in Canada – and this is no exception.

While we love to invest in startups from all over the world, we also have a special place in our hearts for accelerating the growth of Canadian businesses or founders who are willing to move to the coldest country in the world. We have a very high quality of life in Canada, free universal healthcare, valuable government incentives and tax credits, some of the most gorgeous natural vistas in the world, and hey – not all parts of Canada are that cold.


If you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur who wants to bring your business to Canada and meet the Eligibility Criteria, please submit your pitch and ensure to indicate “Yes” under the Startup Visa question. We recommend submitting a pitch deck detailing your business idea and why you are the right team for it.