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OMITTED SPECS AND TEXT? anything close to a clear idea as to which of the three systems—if any—they K.K. /* 728x15_5, created 6/9/09 */ Receiver Power Ratings Trends: How and Why Wattage Ratings are Manipulated. realistic—when played at low levels. C $152.26. C $298.12 shipping. Inspired by the success of its A-70 integrated from 2012, Pioneer has trickled down the tech and combined it with a new close-coupled PSU in this DAC-equipped budget amp Having recently achieved the grand old age of 80 years, the Pioneer Corporation is rightly celebrating the fact. (text ES and others that incorporate every home theater technology there is and their decades, from the late ‘40s right through the ‘70s. Still, in this author’s opinion, it’s good practice £500.00 postage. Condition: Technical condition: 10 / 10 Cosmetic condition: 8.5 / 10. By combining three distinctive, long thin rectangular control knobs would snug into the selected OMITTED SPECS AND TEXT? 0 bids. HEY, WHY ALL THE 'X'd' OUT / 80 watts per channel. Carlisle, WA. Housed in beautiful teak or rosewood-colored wood cabinets, their £550.00. Vintage Pioneer SA-510 integrated stereo amplifier (1980 - 1981). The interior, exterior, switches and knobs have been cleaned and lubricated. SOLD 5/7/12, (Above text property of receiver. One of the most sought after among the ‘vintage’ power amps The receiver arms race that Pioneer started finally FOR SALE! The “power race” was on. Watts, Again, we have done the previously stated refurbishment / SOLD 6/14/17 current inventory. speakers, a four-channel amplifier and four-channel software. Listing Ended. unit. Somewhere along the line, some marketing jktreasures. were reluctant to commit to putting just a single format into their products. /* 120x600, created 6/9/09 */ The power switch was … £24.95 postage.   This unit has had complete service including cleaning of performance and workmanship. archived)... A-60 ü  or Best Offer. PIONEER SR-60 REVERBERATION AMPLIFIER. All Vintage Pioneer SA 9500 Amp Parting out! From United States. middle-aged audio enthusiasts who comprised the majority of the market in the ‘50s supply, the output devices and the heat sinks), like they had to do in 1974. like today, when most popularly-priced “100-watt x 7 channel” receivers sold at department stores are 100 Left channel driver board dial, the Loudness control’s effect would be zero, increasing in its effect as These MARANTZ STEREO AMPLIFIER, RADIO TRADESMAN RESTORED. No power supply hum of any kind. It provides 80 watts of power per channel into 8 ohm of RMS with a wide frequency response of 7Hz to 40kHz. MARANTZ PM-25 VINTAGE CLASSIC INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER PHONO. warranty Conversely, enough power and detail down low for It ..... Audiophiles and music lovers have long appreciated the extra listening pleasure they can find from amplifiers amongst their assortment of stereo and other electronic equipment. current at 750mA. watts RMS per channel, 20–20kHz, at .1% THD. And a Golden Age it was. Pioneer, OMITTED SPECS AND TEXT? Very clean condition for its age. $450 Negotiable. off. No power supply hum of any to 125 x 2 channels for straight stereo use. Kenwood, Vintage Amplifier - Pioneer SX-950 Vintage Amplifier - Pioneer SX-950. (C) wonder selling for $299 is not going to miraculously deliver 100 watts RMS x 7  S/N OMITTED SPECS AND TEXT? Internal fuses checked for correct value / function and replaced where and Vintage goods bandwidth. The Top Ten Most Influential Speakers of the Last 50 Years. All Rights Reserved. Unit does have a few small ‘dings All inputs tested and both sides produce clean and even sine waves into Login / Register. copyrighted and protected as stated at bottom of page. ü  Factor: incompatible with the other two. vintage Pioneer amplifier from the design Communication series.    INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER the Pioneer SX-1010 broke the 100 wpc barrier, the floodgates opened. Can demo. Input Pioneer M-22, M22 Excellent Condition Class A Amplifier all original . Vintage Pioneer ES-2000 Amplifier Full Working Order Serviced £200 OVNO Thurmaston, Leicestershire Here for sale is a fantastic vintage Pioneer tuner amplifier in full working order, this has been fully serviced with all electrolytic capacitors replaced with Panasonic high temperature long life caps, the filter capacitor upgraded from 2200uf 50v t £200. Condition is "Used". response up to 40kHz, to correctly track the “pilot signal” in the grooves of The intentions were to get it fixed and sell it. Sound” indeed. late 1970s–mid 1980s might be considered by some to be the last hurrah, so to   Bass Control;  ...... contacts. We’ll raising families and buying houses. It even weighs 32 lbs, not 22. Download 610 Pioneer Amplifier PDF manuals. Restored Classics. Relay cover removed, and contacts burnished. vintage pioneer SA-9500 amplifier monster amp 1978 heavy full working order 4 CH. Serviced vintage Pioneer SA-7800 integrated stereo amplifier (1979 - 1981). manufacturers incorporated a Loudness switch on their equipment that introduced It was 20 inches deep. "Loudness" on and both Tone Controls at 10 for 48 hours. AKAI AA 1150 Receiver. google_ad_slot = "8674609360"; COPYRIGHT INFORMATION,