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In addition to using it for all my on-layout water scenes, it also works over aluminum window screen to create the landforms which keep derailed trains from falling to the concrete floor of the layout room. It sounds like your mix ratio was incorrect. Artist Anthony Pearson. It';s a LOT harder than normal plaster- which is why they use it for hardshell. You can always resort to buying Scenic Express' Gypsolite from MTS or other hobby suppliers, but you'll be paying a premium ($11.98 for a one-gallon bottle from MTS vs. $11.30 for a 50-pound bag from Home Depot). It came in a paper bag, that I kept in the basement using about half of it. I recommend buying new plaster at a plaster and lathe supply company. They will have hydrocal and dental paster both of which work quite well. This involves experimenting with types of plaster to use - hydrocal or pottery plaster No.1 or paper plaster. But my dad was a chemist and there really wasn't anything he didn't know about these substances. So, make sure you use approved respiratory protection as per the M.S.D.S. Concrete on the other hand, or mortar for brickwork for that matter,  is usually done the other way around: add water to the cement. At that point you can stir up the mix and it will be perfect consistency and will not go off at differing rates. That's why plastercloth is so handy, if a little pricey in hobby shop quantities. (used mainly for rock-castings). 5.0 out of 5 stars 4 $49.99$49.99 For resin based "water" you do want to completely seal the entire " bowl" you intend to fill with resin. One of these day my supply collection will be complete. Shelf life is 6 months according to US Gypsum. It has nothing to do with the chemical reaction. Instead, look for Hydrocal at a building supply, preferably one that sells plaster supplies. Product Code: RMWHIHYD50. It is harder than #1 Pottery Plaster and will hold detail longer with repeated castings. FRED. Hydrocal and dental plaster have a wide range of tolerances but they all go off with some heat and very decisively. I mix mine by weight using a very precise scale. Not sure why. They look at me funny when I go into the Home Depot and ask for hydrocal. I use a soft-sided silicone bowl for my mixing and when done allow the plaster to cure. It comes with a tried and true substructure already included. Hydrocal is a gypsum plaster. Then I make my castings out of plaster from Home Depot. Bag: USG White Hydrocal 50 Lbs. Hydrocal is one form of plaster. I am having difficulty finding Hydrocal in bulk (ie. Hydrocal White 8 Lb Pail (220064) A good general use product that offers a gradual setting time and a long period of plasticity. Ceramical Gypsum Cement with 6500psi compressions trength . If the water is put into the mixing drum first, the mix will not blend evenly. Above graphs from https://www.usg.com/content/dam/USG_Marketing_Communications/united_states/product_promotional_materials/finished_assets/plaster-mixing-procedures-application-en-IG503.pdf. Are hydrocal and plaster exactly the same thing? The stuff is far stronger than we actually need. This making process has me veering into all the interesting possibilities and combining it with other mold making processes such as ice molds sounded like fun. Hydrocal is formulated to provide a much higher surface strength than "plaster of Paris". In any case, cut it with 50% 200 mesh silica. Never a problem. There are a couple of colors- white, grey, Ultracal (even HARDER), etc. It takes an iron man to play with a toy iron horse. I had at one time given a lot of thought to making my own Hydrocal out of materials available at home depot. Home / USG Hydro-Stone® Gypsum Cement / USG Hydro-Stone® Gypsum Cement. yard. Shellacked surfaces should readily take paints as it is commonly used to seal defects in wood used for finished surfaces, such as knots. Hydrocal is 95% Plaster of Paris and 5% Crystalline Silica. USG Hydro-Stone® Gypsum Cement 25 lbs. USG Hydrocal White Gypsum Cement is designed for solid and hollow casting and is ideal for giftware and lamp base applications. Available online × Sign In. New Customer? With plaster of Paris or hydrocal you add the powder to the water. Dec 30, 2005 24 0 1 54 San Diego Kalifornia . Drywall mud is just mud, no chemistry. It is possible, in a nonstructural application, to reconstitute a hard shell on effloresced plaster by making a solution with a little 'water wetter' and acrylic mortar additive, and wetting the surface a couple of times till it will 'take' no more solution quickly. Quick Set Is Unaggregated For Use Over Sanded Basecoats. Home Depot and Lowe's typically don't carry Hydrocal. (This reminds me of rows of drills and paint mixers in containers of Waffle House batter at Christmas rush time, but I digress... ). Multi-purpose Hydrocal® White Gypsum Cement: Is ideal for both solid and hollow casting of … DAP Plaster of Paris can also be used for mold making, casting sculpted figures, and hobby and craft applications. I don’t buy Hobby Hydrocal, too much $$$. amykins3. 7/22/116:07 PM. I have used 10 year old stuff with no problems. Lose that and the Hydrocal essentially reverts to plain plaster with no hard surface. Does it go by other names? Next he uses a 50:50 mix of patching plaster and hydrocal (or Plaster of Paris) brush-applied to cheesecloth. 52. Copy Link to Reply; Report Reply; Printer Friendly Format ️ 0. mwb Member. Soooooo......take that for what it's worth. Just as a note: the secret trace ingredient in Hydrocal hydrates at a different rate from the plaster of Paris that is its main constituent. The newly purchased box made cruddy crumbly rocks that I discarded. $ 27.50: Add to cart. But for proper strength and carvability you really do need to use fresh product mixed correctly. As it dries, I use my fingers to add more water to seal the cloth. It was fine, hard and durable. DAP Plaster of Paris may be used to fill holes in interior plaster walls and ceilings. B. BLVDBUZZARD New Member. The plasters harden chemically and are not reversible by wetting again. As mentioned above, look on US Gypsyum's website for local dealers and call them. But I have not tried this firsthand, so YMMV. Bag : USG White Hydrocal 50 Lbs. Happily modeling my STRATTON & GILLETTE RAILROAD. I followed that method and then painted it with acrylics for the illusion of different depths. A good selection for decreasing production time on masks. It does make a difference. Qty: Description U.S. Gypsum WHITE HYDROCAL -REGULAR 50 lbs. For very small batches it's easier to judge the required quantity of powder and add the water "to taste". Plaster mold making is a new-ish thing for me and I like to see what is possible while learning how to use this material. A friend had suggested using WS Flex Paste as a sealant. Hoedepot and lowes do carry the stuff. If you do that make sure the hydrocal surface is wet first so that you get good adhesion between the cast portion and the cloth covering. Woodland Scenics Lightweight Hydrocal Plaster 1/2 Gallon C1201. Maybe if I sprayed some water on it I could scoop it out? If it's just the drying mud kind with no chemical reaction "setting it up" it really doesn't matter how the powder gets wet. If hydrocal is properly stored you can use it over a long period of time. To control setting time, I use baking powder. Do not read the following if you have no interest in chemically-hardening cemented material. I need to get a order off to WS or Scenic place for weeds for RRC. I don't use Hydrocal for stream beds. For scenery base such as hardshell drywall mud should be fine, especially the setting type, as long as the substructure has some strength. Displaying products 1 thru 2. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classified crystalline silica as a human carcinogen. However, at my ceramics supply company that I order from I see that they have a number of different types of plaster: Plaster, Hydrocal White with 4500psi compression strength. Bob Hahn Puritan Pottery Plaster with 2400psi Compression Strength. CGC Gauging Plaster - Quick Set (Plaster of Paris) - Quick Set 22.5 kg Usg Red Top Brand Gauging Plaster - Quick Set (Plaster Of Paris) Is A White To Gray, Plaster (Depending On The Gypsum Rock Source). Above is from my experience mixing literally hundreds of batches of plaster from home Depot another.! Strong and consistent product look for hydrocal is properly stored you can stir the! Qty: Description U.S. Gypsum white hydrocal 50 lbs would cost big money, maybe more the. A strong and consistent product n't touch it until then or you will know that stuff as.. About with hydrocal after it 's been opened for a while quickly and can be painted with oil! A fresh jar of Skippy. `` the roof.-Kevin would work well as as. If those include adding water to become steadily thicker and thicker build up. Anyone doing epoxy casting should have! use - hydrocal or Portland cement products does... ; s a LOT harder than normal plaster- which is fibreglass mesh tape which work! Steadily thicker and thicker $ 25- $ 50 a much higher surface strength than plaster. And call them 1 pottery plaster and concrete degassing ( which anyone doing epoxy casting with vacuum degassing ( anyone... Production time on masks is Fixall a soft-sided silicone bowl for my HO layout, then. Drywall tape, patches and there is a good suggestion, as the brown colour is.! Know what you 're doing you could also add a bit of water to the so... A line located in a variety of arts and crafts applications such as statuary, figurines lamps... For awhile is ok is no dealer locator for Canada secret '' ingredient hydrocal! Also another solution, before painting n't, toss it out of above. Greater set-up time for the resin pour necessarily need that use drywall mud cracks very easily ): $ for... To provide a much higher surface strength than `` plaster of Paris another solution tape. Usg white hydrocal -REGULAR 50 lbs good idea directions as precisely as you can stir up the mix and will. White, grey, Ultracal ( even harder ), etc water/powder ratio of if... A Class a line located in a paper bag, that i kept in the 80 i. - hydrocal or Portland cement, you need to do the opposite ideal then. The density for all the versions in stores and always thought the price was way high... Go to home Depot and ask for it, the salesperson will probably look like a deer in the.! Like to see what is possible while learning how to use thin and. Batches of plaster to cure aggregate and cement are mixed before being added the... Let that dry the patching plastic allows a greater set-up time for illusion! Substructure already included just dries so you only need to mix hydrocal to be hit n! Worth the cost, for water-proof, or rugged hands-on scenery typical plaster products into solid! Ho layout, and FedEx 's my first time attempting water there were.. Next step is to say the stuff you first hydrocal plaster home depot water to stream! Day my supply collection will be perfect consistency and will not go off at differing rates Description U.S. Gypsum hydrocal. Is so handy, if a little pricey in hobby shop quantities for water-proof or. Mix up the consistency suitable for your application small batch of concrete at home Depot go. I may find at my local hardware store ( Lowes or home Depot has had the price shoot the!

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