Tangentia Ventures is now a member of the CVCA

Tangentia Ventures is now a member of the CVCA

Tangentia Ventures is now a member of the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA). 

Vijay Thomas, the Founder, and CEO of Tangentia Ventures says “We thank CVCA and all its members for letting Tangentia Ventures become a part of this storied organisation and as a startup ourselves, we think this membership will drive more rigour to what we are doing in the space of private equity and venture capital. By being a part of the CVCA, Tangentia Ventures also looks forward to increasing deal flow within CVCA, leveraging our connections in the  India-Canada-USA corridor especially around technology and manufacturing.”

Mahendra Naik, Strategic advisor – Tangentia Ventures, adds that Tangentia Ventures is founded by entrepreneurs and is committed to working with other entrepreneurs in building Canadian based global businesses.

About CVCA

The Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association are focused on broadening industry awareness through market research and networking opportunities so that their members can make the best decisions for their investments. They also advocate on behalf of the industry to ensure sound public policy that encourages a favourable environment for investment.

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About Tangentia Ventures

Tangentia Ventures is a boutique global venture capital firm, the venture capital arm of Tangentia Group. With a sector-agnostic long-term disciplined agile growth philosophy (L-DAG), Tangentia Ventures boasts of investments across sectors like Local Manufacturing, Circular economy, Cleantech, Fractional Real Estate, Crypto, Niche Software Services, and Niche Ecommerce. Tangentia Ventures is primarily active in the India-Canada-USA business corridor with plans to expand globally in the near future.

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