Tangentia Ventures Funds Toronto-Based Sustainable Medical Textiles Manufacturer

The push for a movement around sustainability has been gaining significant momentum across the world in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with a rising mainstream interest in upcycling, slow fashion, and ethical consumerism. In tune with the “Make in Canada” initiative, Tangentia Ventures has recently undertaken a round of funding for Clean Planet, experts in sustainable textile manufacturing solutions based out of Scarborough, Toronto. This collaboration furthers Tangentia Ventures’ aim to stimulate the growth of local businesses that focus on safeguarding social and economic responsibilities for a more sustainable future.

“This is a very good time to get into contract manufacturing, we are looking at this as a strategic move to get manufacturing back to Canada and giving back to the community in terms of jobs and opportunities for the locals and immigrants alike”, Says Vijay Thomas the CEO of Tangentia Ventures.

“We are looking to leverage automation and lean practices in the field of textile manufacturing to reduce costs so that we can provide our clients with competitive cost-effective yet reliable localized supply for their garment needs”, Says the cofounder and textile manufacturing expert in the team – Gagan Singh

Akin, the third co-founder in this venture who looks at the marketing and sales for this start-up says ‘Apart from going into manufacturing, we are also looking at collaborating with visionary local Canadian designers and giving them an exposure to the global market by means of an e-commerce marketplace and digital platforms”

About Clean Planet
Clean Planet is driven with a mission to manufacture products that reflect outstanding design, comfort, and efficiency. With a team of over 85 members and a commitment to embracing diversity as a source of innovation, the company specializes in supplying an extensive range of medical safety supplies including heavy-duty PPE medical gowns and masks to cover the needs of professionals in the health care sector. Clean Planet’s core competency lies in manufacturing processes that are aligned with CMT (Cut-Make-Trim) for medium and large-scale clients and has a streamlined quick delivery. Clean Planet also assists in empowering local designers with cost-effective manufacturing solutions, providing them a platform for design, manufacturing, and generating demand with an online fashion marketplace.
Learn more about Clean Planet at www.mycleanplanet.ca

About Tangentia
Tangentia is a leading global boutique digital transformation firm with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that can bridge the most challenging technology gaps while creating significant cost efficiencies and competitive advantage across an organization and its supply chain. Tangentia is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in New York, USA, and Goa, India. The company is a premier partner of IBM in Canada and the United States, along with major partnerships with tech giants including Automation Anywhere, Microsoft, Salesforce, BluePrism, UI Path, Google AI, and AWS.
Learn more about Tangentia at www.tangentia.com

About Tangentia Ventures

Following business strategies that are a marked departure from industry conventions, Tangentia Ventures is an upcoming global venture capital firm that runs on the principle of Long Term – Disciplined Agile Growth (LT-DAG), focusing on long-term investments with a clear-cut business plan rather than placing emphasis on exit plans. The firm prioritizes discipline in the creation of business models, using several agile processes to scale their operations.
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